A website is a reflection of your business.. How you present yourself online could dictate a drastic increase or drastic decrease in new customers. So is your website sending the right message?


Grow Your Business with an Online Presence


Phase 1:

current site audit

Establishing a baseline is critical to measuring the success of website redesign. Our site audit allows us to establish primary objectives from old site to new, on-site optimization opportunities, ux /ui improvements, and much more to get your site running on all cylinders.

Website Audit | Digital Marketing Solutions | Peritive
Web Design | Digital Marketing Solutions for Dentists & Attorneys | Peritive

Phase 2:

Web design

Your website should be a reflection of your business. It should be visually appealing, easily navigable, and another sales person for your practice or firm. With easily accessible content and enticing offers, your new customer leads are sure to grow.

Phase 3:

web development

Having a clear understanding of a web pages purpose is the first step in optimizing it. Once we have established the objectives we are able to formally assess its page title, meta-description, header tags, Alt tags, and linking. More importantly, we critique the overall layout and text for readability and its ability to meet the intent of our desired searchers.

Web Development | Digital Marketing Solutions for Dentists & Attorneys | Peritive

Phase 4:

website sweep

Before launch a sweep is in order. This website sweep is to ensure all links are working properly, images are loading quickly, contact forms are firing, and more. This final step is the first step in growing your business.

Phase 5:

website launch

Congrats! We did it. And now you have a website that is the best around. From here the real fun begins with local SEO and engagement marketing compaigns to capture new leads.

Website Launch | Digital Marketing Solutions for Dentists & Attorneys | Peritive

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