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local SEO

As a professional service provider, it is crucial you are easy to find online.
So how does our local SEO strategy differ from my existing agency’s?

Our SEO Success Strategy

Step 1:

Local SEO Audit

Establishing a baseline is critical to measuring the success of any campaign. Through our local SEO audit, we are able to establish primary objectives, on-site & off-site opportunities, local competition and current rankings.


Step 2:

citation building & optimization

Citations are mentions of your business’s name, address & phone (NAP) on other sites across the web. The consistency of your NAP plays a major role in local search. We prioritize citation optimization and building in our strategy because we have found them to be one of the top ways to positively influence our client’s rankings.

Step 3:

on-page SEO

Having a clear understanding of a web pages purpose is the first step in optimizing it. Once we have established the objectives we are able to formally assess its page title, meta-description, header tags, Alt tags, and linking. More importantly, we critique the overall layout and text for readability and its ability to meet the intent of our desired searchers.


Step 4:

content development

Let’s face it – content is king! In order to attract your ideal audience and gain local traction content development is a must. Not only will it allow for the optimization of specific assets on your site, it will help nurture prospects into leads by establishing authority, building trust and brand positioning.

Step 5:

report, review, revamp

Testing and measuring are key to long-term success. Though we have proven our strategies in the past, we are continually exposing ourselves to new techniques and markets that may require a unique touch. Reviewing data that we have collected allows us


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