How to Develop a 3 Part Strategy to

Drive Traffic & Convert Leads

Not getting the leads you want online?

If you’re not getting the results you’d like from online, that’s okay, there’s hope! But, first we must break the process in order to understand the importance of each step.

How to Develop a 3 Part Strategy to







The internet is a constantly evolving entity… As users evolve so do the search engines and how they react and reward certain companies. While most people’s eyes glaze over once you start talking SEO, citations, etc, etc (the list could keep going), simply having a website nowadays isn’t enough any more. You must invest and nurture your online presence for success. So I ask, when was the last time the internet brought you a lead?

1. Assess Current Assets

How does your business (aka you) look online? It’s okay, now is the time to be honest. Look yourself up. How does your business appear on the top 15 citations? Are there variations in your NAP (name, address, phone)? Is your website mobile friendly? Do you have a specific landing page for each service you offer? Are your page titles, h-titles, and meta descriptions utilized properly?

Knowing where you stand is important. The basis of any good marketing strategy is assessing your starting point, whether poor, good, great, or indifferent, and developing a strategy to improve upon the current status. There are always areas to improve upon.

Our Audit & Consultation Process

  • Benchmark: Assess Current Digital Assets
  • Plan: Develop a Plan to Improve & Build Upon Assets (website, citations, social media)
  • Implement: Growth Building Campaign to improve awareness, engagement, & conversions

2. Create the Foundation

Setting up a foundation to build from is crucial for any business. Just like a home, the foundation of your online assets will determine your short term and long term success online.

Core Asset Development

This includes website design and development, integrating tracking and analytic tools, and most importantly, defining the brand and the brand’s messaging.


With the newly developed assets, it’s time to optimize them. At the end of the day, optimization is a never ending task. As users change their tendencies one should adapt to best serve their audience.

How We Optimize

  • Page Titles, Header Tags, Copy revamp, & Meta Descriptions
  • Inbound-Outbound Links, Internal Linking, Analytics & Call Tracking
  • Desktop & Mobile Ready Websites
  • Strategically placed calls to Action, Opt ins, Pop- Ups & More


3. The Movers to Convert

It’s time to move it, move it! Since your ducks are in a row, it’s now time to let the conversions come using promotion. From organic content marketing to paid search and social promotions,

Content Marketing

Leaping off from your core assets, this part of the journey is where the real fun begins. Content marketing entails using exactly that, content. New blog posts and landing pages will allow your business to answer the question a user (customer) is looking for. For example, a landing page entirely designed around a dental implant special.

  • Value Added Posts
  • Specific Landing Pages to Drive Customers
  • Strategically Placed CTAs

Search & Social Promotion

Promotion through various channels is the best way to get your business in front of your desired audience.

  • PPC Campaigns
  • Social Media Posts & Paid Campaigns