4 Key Elements Your

Dental Website Should Include 

Is Your Website Performing? 

A website can be a fickle thing.. Most people think just having one is simply enough, but when is the last time your site brought your practice a lead?

To keep the business going, new patients are a must for any dental practice. Now more than ever, potential patients are turning to the internet for their next service provider, making your website a major marketing asset!

So if you want your practice’s website to start performing and capturing leads — which you should — here are 4 key elements to get the ball rolling:

1. Site Design

Design is an objective topic. It varies from one person to another rarely ever being the same. With this is mind, there are certain standards in site design that remain a must regardless of color and graphic choices. In addition, Mobile Readiness and User Experience are crucial in converting potential leads.

A website should have a clear visitor path, navigation, and Calls-to-action for the user to easily bounce around your site.. So you might be wondering, where how does my practice’s website do?

2. Search Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is are key elements on your website which dictates where you result on Google. Some of these elements can be seen on page and other function in the background to tell Google what your site is about so Google can solve the search query (or question) by the user. Because that is what a search engine is- to provide an answer to a question.

Do you know if your site is optimized? Don’t feel bad if you don’t. Frankly most people haven’t a clue if theirs is properly optimized, but that is where the scorecard can help. Take the next step to see if your site’s header tags, alt tags/descriptions, and more are properly set up with our checklist.

3. User Experience / Lead Capturing

Have you ever been to a website and had no idea where to go? Us too. You have about 8 seconds to make an impression on a user so time is of the essence. From site speed, mobile friendliness, navigation, and calls to action, how your site is setup will determine how it performs. Simple as that.

Your site should make it easy for a patient to access all your services, find your contact information, see potiential “offers or specials”, and be an online representation of your practice.

4. Content, Content, Content

It’s no lie that content is king. Apart of the search engine optimization process is that your website needs to share information relevant to the dental industry and your practice. These additions, posts, and pages, of course, also optimized to their fullest extent.

Not only do these posts add to being found in search, they also are pleasant for users to find what they’re looking for. Whether its an answer to a question or to learn more about you and your practice, making your website a living entity only bumps up SEO, leads, and conversions.

So, there you have it, 4 key elements your dental website should include. Download our free [27 Point] website checklist or contact us for a complimentary website audit and let’s get your website running on all cylinders.